Day 4 (23 Sep 2023)



Remarks: Photo is for reference only

Meal Box

D4W1 Thai Red Curry Chicken with Rice, D4C2 Fish Fillet and Eggplant with Rice, D4C3 Omni Pork and Sweetcorn Fried Rice, D4W4 Stewed Beef Potato and Mushrooms with Rice, D4W5 Stewed Chicken in Tomato Sauce with Pasta, D4C6 Poached Chicken and Roasted Duck with Rice, D4W7 Bento Box (Fried Cabbage, Pork Belly in Korean BBQ Sauce & Nori Rice), D4W8 Dal Makhani with Basmati Rice


Canned drink (Coca Cola/ 7-up/ Coke Zero/ Tao Ti Supreme Oolong Tea/ Tao Ti Honey Green Tea), Mineral Water/ Coffee or Tea

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