Day 1 (22 Feb 2024)



Remarks: Photo is for reference only

Meal Box

D1W1 Thai Spicy Minced Chicken, Holy Basil, Rice, D1W2 Japanese Beef Rib Curry, Rice, D1C3 Braised Duo of Mushrooms with E-Fu Noodles, D1C4 Steamed Chicken and Mushroom with Rice, D1C5 Fried Rice with Assorted Seafood, D1C6 BBQ Pork, Rice, D1C7 BBQ Pork, Poached Chicken, Rice


Canned drink (Coca Cola/ 7-up/ Coke Zero/ Tao Ti Supreme Oolong Tea/ Tao Ti Honey Green Tea), Mineral Water/ Coffee or Tea

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